It's been rumoured for some time, but it looks like US channel CBS is considering another run at a Star Trek TV series.

Per reports online, it's understood that Bryan Singer is keen to produce a revival of the seminal sci-fi series together with Skydance Productions.

Skydance, as you may know, are the team behind the current Star Trek blockbusters ala JJ Abrams and have worked with Paramount, the studio behind Star Trek, in the past.

Christopher McQuarrie, the director behind Mission Impossible 5 and Jack Reacher, is also said to be involved with this new iteration of Star Trek as well.

VOD service Netflix were more than keen to produce their own Star Trek series, with Next Generation / Deep Space Nine alum Michael Dorn looking to get a spin-off of his character into action. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of that as Paramount wasn't up for leasing out the rights to Netflix.

A new series of Star Trek has been bandied about for some time and there's plenty of very competent and talented writers who want to work on it. As well as this, the fervent fanbase is there to sustain it.

So, how likely is it that we'll see a TV series of Star Trek? In our opinion, pretty likely.

Although the third Star Trek film is currently in production and will be on our screens at some stage in 2017, there's absolutely no reason that they can't run a TV series parallel to the films.

Marvel's a perfect example of this - Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter have both been doing very well on TV ratings and they both feed into the feature films the studio's created.

Revivals of old TV series are very much in at the minute. Twin Peaks, The X-Files - even Coach is getting a revival, for feck sake.

As enjoyable as the two JJ Abrams Trek films were, they had little resemblance to the series that spawned them. And that's fine. In order to reach a broader audience, it had to be culled and simplified for movie-going audiences.

TV audiences, on the other hand, can take in a larger story and are more flexible about how they watch. So, in essence, Star Trek is perfect for a new TV series.

Not only that, the CGI budget for a show like Star Trek isn't what it once was. Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow and loads more have plenty of special effects and are able to bring their shows in on a budget.

Realistically, the only thing stopping a Star Trek series is the notion that Paramount - the parent studio of Star Trek - don't want to lose it as one of their tentpole films.

The question is - will it happen? Will we see another Trek on TV? We desperately hope so.