Netflix doesn't provide ratings, so we've never had a particularly good sense of how well their shows perform. Nor have we been able to gauge which is their most watched show. 

Internet buzz is what was the most common method of identifying their most popular shows and based on that scale Making a Murderer always seemed to be the out and out winner. It was assumed that the likes of House of Cards and Orange is The New Black would be the shows that would come closest to the true crime phenomenon.

Well if this new survey compiled by Symphony Advanced Media is correct then our assumptions were wrong. Very wrong. 

According to the survey, Fuller House is the most popular show on Netflix. That's right, the reboot of the classic 90s sitcom is absolutely crushing Frank Underwood. Symphony Advanced Media uses audio recognition to measure traditional and streaming programming viewership across devices which basically means they can tell what we’re watching by listening to the shows through our iPhones or tablets. 

The figures they've come back with indicate that 14.4 million people streamed Fuller House in the first 35 days after its release. No wonder Netflix were quick to renew it for a second season. By comparison, 13.4 million people have watched Making a Murderer in the 35 days after its release date while just 4.9 million viewers tuned into House of Cards' latest season.  

In fact, House of Cards doesn't even claim third spot in the Netflix viewership figures, that honour belongs to Marvel's Jessica Jones which attracted 6.3 million viewers in the 35 days after its release. 

These figures are in relation to the 18-49 demographic and make for even more impressive reading when you compare them to the likes of The Walking Dead (which pulls in 10 million viewers in the same demo) and Game of Thrones (6 million). So if these figures are indeed correct, Fuller House could be the most popular show on TV. 

It's worth noting that there are question marks over the accuracy of Symphony Advanced Media's figures. Netflix for their part have dismissed them. However since we've nothing else to go on there's no way of knowing for sure. 

If they are correct well then Netflix will have plenty of reason to celebrate. 

Via Uproxx