If you haven't watched the end of Series 3 of Downton Abbey then look away now. It seems Julian Fellowes isn't wasting any time in helping his beloved Lady Mary move on from that little incident with the car, and is lining up a new fella for her already.

Indeed, Downton Producer Gareth Neame has been dropping hints to Entertainment Weekly, ala those humdingers about a birth and a death that they dropped last year. Neame's told the US 'sleb Bible that series 4 will mostly focus on Mary rebuilding her life.

"Inevitably that means she's got to, at some point, [find a] new man. She's an eligible young widow. So we shall see." he said. "We all know that people can have relationships at different stages of their lives.In 1912, when this show started, we saw a young woman, Mary, meeting Matthew and forming a youthful relationship and now we're 10 years later, so we're going to see an older, widowed Mary presumably looking at some point to form a second relationship, which I think will have a more mature quality."

I'm going to throw my oar in here. I was kinda sorta hoping that we might see Lady M hooking up with Tom Branson. Sure doesn't evey bit of posh need a bit of rough to soften out the edges eh? No? Just me in the Michelle Dockery/Allen Leech bubble so? Rumour has it that Miranda star, and former EastEnder  Tom Ellis (aka Mr Tamzin Outhwaite) is making inroads with the bosses. Sigh. One can dream.

Anyway, Neame says there's plenty to look forward to when we head back to the Abbey. "You're going to have have the usual mixture of big dose of romance in there, you're going to have laugh-out-loud comedy, and you're going to have highs and lows of strong drama." he revealed. "I can tell you that, so far, the early scripts for the new season are as brilliant as they've always been."

*cough* You're my stick... *cough*