We have to admit when it comes on of a Sunday morning and we're dying with a hangover, we'll binge watch the shit out of Catfish. You don't have to use your brain and however deep the fear is, you can rest easy that YOU would never fall for that.

Well, some chap fell and fell hard. For someone who he thought was famed pop singer, Katy Perry. 

Spencer Morrill reckons he's been seeing Perry for about 6 years, and even bought her an engagement ring out of his life savings. He told hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph: ‘It was an immediate connection. A million “I love yous” back and forth. It was pretty cool."

Ah Jaysus...

In reality Spencer was talking to a woman called Harriet from Gloucester. Yep, super f**king glam you guys. She said her Dad died a couple of years ago and was super sad about it, so eh... 

Despite Perry's relationship with permanent thespian frown Orlando Bloom, Spencer was adamant, even after Nev told him ‘You need to know that you’re not talking to Katy Perry.’

We hope Spencer can move on now, even if he was never actually dating Katy Perry. To be fair, that's a daunting bar to set when having your first Tinder date in Wagamama with a woman who just wants to make sure you're not a serial killer.