We're now just over half way through the third season of 'True Detective' and while it's not up there with the first season, it's a huge improvement on the second.

To be fair, could anything really touch the first season? Probably not. Anyway, the prospect of a fourth season of 'True Detective' was already floated with Nic Pizzolatto last month, when he said that he had "a wild idea" that needed to "percolate" some more before it became a reality.

In an interview with Deadline earlier this week, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys explained that a fourth season is there if there's an idea. "I think we are going to handle it the same way as the last one — if Nic has an idea that he is excited about, we will talk about it but not rushing into anything," said Bloys.

In terms of its ratings and reviews, HBO are happy with how the third season has gone so far - so that's no stumbling block for a fourth season, either.  "Creatively, ratings-wise, it did everything that we wanted it to do... It’s up to 8 million viewers an episode, we were thrilled with the review, I think fans have really liked it," said Bloys.

The question now is whether a fourth season actually materialises or not. Given how there was such a gap between the second and third season, you might not see a fourth season for quite some time - but here's hoping nonetheless.