So Rupert Grint has been snapped up by CBS to front their brand new comedy, Super Clyde. This is rather exciting news, especially for devout 'Rupie Groupies' such as my bad redheaded self, who found Ron Weasley a bit too adorable. Malfoy was up there too though, obvs.

Anyway, the Harry Potter star was last seen in the rather dramatic Into the White and starred alongside our own Robert Sheehan in Cherrybomb. Now The Hollywood Reporter says he'll star as a geeky, kind but ever so slightly neurotic fast food worker who decides to become a superhero. A bit like Kick-Ass but without all the violence. Y'see Clyde will inherit $100,000 from his rather odd dead uncle, and decide to use the cash to carry out good deeds. D'awww.

The show comes courtesy of CBS and Raising Hope's Greg Garcia. It's one of two pilots that the network has ordered this season and if they do decide to pick it up, it'll be pretty big news for Rupert. Let's face it, he's probably the best actor of the three and the one who's done the least since Potter came to an end. It's about time we saw him getting out there and making a name for himself.

The sooner we see him back on our screens the better. And no, not just for the aesthetics...