Here we are on the very last day of March, a day dedicated to poor auld Ron Swanson and his biggest nightmare becoming a reality.

There are few characters from sitcoms which everyone can agree is the most perfect of beings. There are the likes of Michael Scott from 'The US Office' and his child-like nature; Liz Lemon and her radiating sarcasm from '30 Rock'; and sure, Homer Simpson is an all-round crowd-pleaser. But in 'Parks and Recreation', it is the one and only Ron Swanson who takes the mantle.

While a number of other characters come close in the sitcom based in Pawnee, they never quite reach the highs of this laid-back, uncaring Government employee. There's no comparison between himself and goofball Andy Dwyer or by-the-book Leslie Knope. He's the king of deadpan and only has enough room in his life for few loves (meat, sex, whiskey, woodworking, hunting, breakfast food, and nautical literature).

However, in season two, episode 21 of the sitcom, Ron must face his ultimate challenge yet - meeting face-to-face with the public. Due to his assistant April believing that March 31 doesn't exist, it means that 93 meetings have been set up for the director of the Parks and Recreation department in one day.

When the day is over, and all 93 meetings are done and dusted, April schedules the final 94th meeting, where she hands in her resignation for her colossal mix-up.

Netflix also shared the memory of this faithful day in pop culture history.

The 94 Meetings Day isn't the first time that 'Parks and Recreation' created a stand-alone day which now features heavily in our day to day lives.

Lest we forget that 'Galentine's Day', February 13, is a Leslie Knope original too. So next time you meet a person who doesn't know its origin, why not introduce give them to the glory that is 'Parks and Recreation'.

Here's the full "94 Meetings Day" clip for you.

Watch the full episode on Netflix, where all seven seasons are available.