Nowadays it's nearly impossible to keep up with every single TV show or movie that your mates are telling you to watch. 'You need to see', 'You have to start watching', you know how it goes. There's so many that can easily pass you by, but just what is worth going back and giving up your valuable time to watch?

1. Boxset - Love/Hate

So you've heard as much hype as you possibly can about Love/Hate down the years, you've even chimed in on the odd water cooler conversation with a 'coola boola' or 'Elmo's a rat'. The truth though? Your dirty little secret? You've never watched an episode. It's okay though, there's still time to make amends, and watch it from the start. King Nidge awaits.

2. Documentary - His and Hers

This documentary is just about the sweetest thing you could ever devote 80 minutes of your life to. It's premise is simple; Irish women of all ages talk about the men in their lives, everyone from their fathers, brothers, sons and husbands. And it's just lovely, but you will need the tissues at the ready.

3. Movie - Pilgrim Hill

Kerry man Gerard Barrett's upcoming new film Glassland starring Jack Reynor is due out shortly, so if you haven't already, you should really take the time to look back at Barrett's incredible directorial debut, Pilgrim Hill. It follows the story of farmer Jimmy Walsh and really gets to the heart of the isolation and hardship that can come with rural life. Beautifully shot on a remarkably small budget, it's worth a watch, even if it does leave you with quite the heavy heart.

4. Movie - What Richard Did

Since we're on the subject of Jack Reynor, it's worth mentioning the movie that launched his career. Lenny Abrahamson's What Richard Did is a gripping drama about how one drunken night destroyed two boys lives forever. Loosely based on true events, it features stunning performances by its cast and will captivate you all the way through from start to finish.

 5. Movie - This Must Be the Place.

It's Sean Penn wandering around Dublin dressed as an aging rocker. Need we say more? It's also named after one of Talking Head's greatest songs. You should already be hitting play.

6. Boxset - Scandal

If you fancy sinking your teeth into a juicy new boxset, get yourself hooked on Scandal. It focuses on the goings-on of Olivia Pope's crisis management firm in Washington and how they deal with protecting the public images of America's elite. Basically, keeping all those juicy secrets from the headlines, easier said than done though. Starring Kerry Washington and created by Grey's Anatomy's Shonda Rhimes, it would be a scandal not to watch this. (Sorry).

7. Movie - City of God

Back in 2002, this was the film everyone was talking about, but just in case it slipped past you, here's your chance to catch it again. Set in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro in the 1970s, it follows the stories of two men, each who end up following different paths - one as a photographer, the other a drug dealer. Nominated for four Academy Awards, this one is a must-see. (Don't let the cheesy movie voice-over guy put you off in the trailer below.)

8. Boxset - The Bletchley Circle

If you fancy getting your code breaking on, you need to get to know the folk of Bletchley Park. This 1950s set mystery drama focuses on four women who help break codes used by the German military. It's very impressive altogether. And only two seasons to watch, so you will be through it and cracking codes in no time.

9. Boxset - Revenge

It seems to be taking Emily VanCamp all her bloody time to actually get this revenge of hers, four seasons in and it's still going strong. Revenge is trashy, it's cheesy, and yet unbelievably addictive. Embrace the dark side, and get stuck into Revenge.

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