There has been a great deal of speculation as to whether we all unknowingly watched the last ever episode of Love/Hate on Sunday night. Given what happened, it seems likely considering that a new season of the show would be pretty much like bringing back Breaking Bad without Walter or Jesse and having Badger as the lead.

However, nothing has been set in stone yet, and as we know, stranger things have happened in TV land, hence why the phrase 'jumping the shark' even came about. So here are some of the ways Love/Hate could go if season six goes ahead.

Tommy wakes up

Poor Sleeping Beauty Tommy wouldn't have a feckin' breeze what was going on when he first woke up considering all that's happened, but with a bit of rehabilitation we reckon he could get back on track fairly fast. We're thinking he could set up one hell of a drug smuggling operation under the guise of a fizzy orange factory.

Warren takes over from Nidge

Nidge's son demands vengeance for the death of his father and becomes the Bugsy Malone of Dublin. We reckon he could pull it off.

Terence 'Big Balls' comes back to Dublin

This one actually doesn't seem too far off a notion, and we are all wondering what the hell he could have done to warrant that nickname.

 Moynihan goes full on Bad Cop

We saw the true dark side of Detective Moynihan when he chewed up the tax disc but after the death of Nidge and Siobhan he realises that his biggest case in years has pretty much been closed. He feels obsolete amongst his fellow copper friends so decides to use his knowledge of the criminal underworld to wreak havoc of his own. There'll not be a tax disc safe in the country.

Aido and Nadine rule everything

They are Dublin's answer to Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor after all. Nadine is officially taking over from Janet's job as manager of the brothel anyways, so we're pretty confident that between her one-liners and Aido's fabulous cleaning skills these two could really hold their own. Scotty could even come back too to shake things up.

Patrick the peaceful pipe bomber is now just a pipe bomber

Now that he has officially become the man who took down the great Nidge, Patrick decides to completely ditch his peaceful ways and clean up the streets of Dublin, one drug lord at a time. (He could also team up with Moynihan if they wanted to go down the 'buddy movie' route.)

Zombie Love/Hate

Stuart Carolan takes a leaf out of The Walking Dead's book and everyone who has ever died on the show comes back as zombies and fight each other. Obvious ratings gold.

It was all a dream

They go down the classic Dallas mode and we realise that this last season has all just been a mad dream of Tommy's in a coma, and everything goes back to just how it was. And Darren is back too somehow, just 'cos.

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