Phil Dunphy is undoubtedly one of TV's greatest dads, and while all of the Modern Family characters bring a lot to the table, it would definitely not be the same without Phil's perils of wisdom.

The role was the turning point for actor Ty Burrell's career, who previously had minor roles in TV and movies, but nothing to really write home about. Since Modern Family began back in 2008, Burrell has received countless award nominations along with winning two Emmys and one SAG for his role as the legend that is Phil Dunphy.

Fans of the show will know that Phil has had some cracker one-liners down the years, made all the better by the sincerity of his delivery.

If you want to watch them all in action, you can catch them on Sky Box Sets, but for now, here are some of our favourite 'Philisms' 

1. Luke I am your father.

2. Phil on success.

3. WTF - Why the face?

4. Lemonade.

5. P.C Phil

6. Motivational Phil.

7. Think inside the box.

8. And sometimes, he doesn't even need to say anything at all.


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