With just five days to go until we see how season seven of 'Game of Thrones' wraps up, seven brand new images of the episode have appeared online and although they don't give much away, they are just enough to get us to Sunday night.

This morning we discovered that the episode is titled 'The Dragon and the Wolf', and while that could mean a lot of things, what we do know is that the stakes couldn't be higher considering what happened at the end of last week's episode.

The preview for the finale only showed us what's expected to go down in King's Landing as the Stark/Targaryen alliance travels south with a zombie in tow to show to Cersei while Sansa is left at Winterfell on her own to deal with her newly psycho sister and Littlefinger's plotting, and the new photos, which were first published by DNA India, show who else will be involved in the 80-minute episode.

First up is Bran, who we've all been waiting to step up his game as the Three-Eyed Raven, looking like he's about to drop some dangerous information. Will he finally figure out Jon's true parentage and realise what it means for the rest of the family Stark?

In King's Landing, it looks like things aren't so sweet between newly-pregnant Cersei and babydaddy Jaime (but when were they ever). Whatever they're arguing about, we doubt it's going to stay alive much longer to be a problem by the look on Cersei's face.

And then we have Theon, who's been absent since Daenerys went to burn down some Lannisters. We assume this is him setting off to save his sister Yara, who hasn't been seen since she was captured by Euron and we really don't think things have been good for her so brace yourselves for some grim.

The 'Game of Thrones' season seven finale, titled 'The Dragon and the Wolf', will air this Monday at 2am and again at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.