Last year's snowmageddon made it hard to think or talk about anything else, so for the day(s) that's in it, we've compiled a list of our favourite episodes of 'The Simpsons' tackling the snow.

Why? Just 'cos.


1. Little Big Mom

Season 11 - Episode 10

This episode was mainly about Lisa convincing Homer and Bart they have leprosy, but it all kicked off with the Simpson family minus Marge heading off skiing and while there they bump into neighbour Flanders giving us an image of him we will never forget...



2. Mr. Plow

Season 4 - Episode 9

Hailed by critics as one of the best episodes in the show's history, 'Mr Plow' has everything you would want in a Simpsons episode, with a cameo by Adam West to boot. When a blizzard hits Springfield, Homer finds himself convinced to buy a snow plow and starts a business plowing driveways. It ends up being a huge success but soon inspires the normally uninspired Barney Gumble to set up a rival business. Their friendship wins over in the end and a heatwave soon arrives to put them both out of business, maybe we can hope for the same?


3. Bart Gets an F

Season 2 - episode 1

Back in the days when 'The Simpsons' was mainly all about Bart, season 2 opened with this gem of an episode. Faced with the possibility of repeating the fourth grade if he doesn't pass his next exam, Bart prays for a miracle to get help. That night, Springfield gets hit by a blizzard giving Bart one more day to study.


4. Mountain of Madness

Season 8 - Episode 12

Mr. Burns forces the workers of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to go for a team-building hike in the mountains to track down a secret cabin. Homer and Mr Burns are paired up together and end up finding the cabin first only for an avalanche to fall on it trapping them. The pair decide to make the most of their time and build snowmen together but soon cabin fever sets in and they turn on each other. A situation some of you might be facing already.


5. Skinner's Sense of Snow

Season 12 - Episode 8

A snowstorm traps the students of Springfield Elementary in the school with principal Seymour Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie. Skinner tries to keep a handle on things using his army skills but the students soon revolt and take over the school. All the while Homer and Ned are on a mission to rescue the children.


6. King of the Hill

Season 9 - Episode 23

After Bart humiliates Homer over his lack of fitness, Homer decides to impress his son by attempting to climb a large mountain. He soon runs into difficulty and his fed up Sherpas end up taking matters into his own hands, ultimately it all works out and for once (in a very round about away) Homer succeeds.


7. Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

Season 9 - Episode 10

A festive themed episode had to be in here somewhere. Bart manages to ruin Christmas on an epic scale when he accidentally burns down the Christmas tree and all the presents. The lie he tells to cover his actions escalates in only the way a great episode of The Simpsons can.