Last night saw the long-awaited 'Parks & Recreation' reunion episode, all of it done over video-conferencing because of the lockdown restrictions.

The episode, which was set during the current situation, saw Ron Swanson gather together the old members of the team to help lift the spirit of Leslie Knope, who's currently working in the Department of the Interior on pandemic response. The whole episode was capped off with a singalong of '5,000 Candles In The Wind', led by Andy Dwyer - that's Chris Pratt's character - on guitar.

It's worth pointing out that Pratt most likely had that guitar with 'Andy Dwyer' on the neck in his house this whole time, along with a t-shirt that read 'I Met Li'l Sebastian' too. Had that in his house the whole time and never told anyone. Amazing.

The episode also filled in on what all the characters were doing during this very strange time. Leslie and beautiful spinster Ann Perkins were working on the frontline to the response, while Congressman Jamm and Dennis Feinstein were trying to price-gouge and capitalise on the whole thing. As for Andy Dwyer, however, he got locked in his shed.

Just fantastic stuff, really. It's not yet known if the whole episode will be available online on this side of the Atlantic, however the cold open of the episode was uploaded to YouTube, featuring Paul Rudd returning as Bobby Newport. You can look at that over here, and check out '5,000 Candles In The Wind' below.