We bid farewell to Baz and his mammy last Monday as their hugely popular series came to an end. While we would love to see the pair of them back on the box soon, in between times you can watch Baz Ashmawy on his new Sky 1 show The Fanatics.

The show is described as celebrating 'the most passionate, utterly obsessed and fantastically devoted people." These superfans will then have to put their knowledge to the test throughout the show; "Over a series of rounds three contestants will have to demonstrate incredible powers of recall, observation, dexterity and an unprecedented level of knowledge of their chosen subject."

Baz said of his new gig; "I love the vision that Sky and the production team at Victory have for the show. It's a quirky fun show with wonderfully warm, interesting and slightly obsessive contestants. It's going to be a lot of fun to make. I can’t wait!"

Adam MacDonald, Director of Sky 1 commented: "We are excited that Baz has agreed to host The Fanatics. It is a big joyous celebration of the passions that enthral us and Baz is perfect to drive it.”

All well and good, but when is Nancy getting her own show 'ey?

The Fanatics will air on Sky 1 in early 2015.