There are shows that people will have you haunted telling you to watch, and other great ones that somehow slip through the radar, but become hugely popular a few seasons in. The Wire has proven that, and even Breaking Bad took a while to reach the great heights that it did. Now we have a new one for you, and we promise, this show won't let you down.

Italian crime drama Gomorrah has recently finished up its second season, and while it has yet to become the show that everyone is talking about, it has those that are watching on Sky Box Sets hooked.

So why should you watch it? Well, dear reader, the reasons are fivefold.

1. It's based on a true story.

Similar to The Sopranos, Gomorrah is based on the true story of Italian crime syndicate the Camorra. However, while the former relied on undisclosed sources from the mafia in America, the material for Gomorrah comes solely from the research done by Roberto Saviano. The Neapolitan journalist spent most of his twenties researching the criminal organisation, and in 2008, he published it into his book, Gomorra.

2. The book was so much of a success, the author is now in hiding.

Saviano could never have predicted the global success his book would become. It sold millions of copies and was translated into 51 languages, with Saviano going on to be nominated for numerous literary prizes and becoming a celebrity in his own right. Initially, Saviano said how the gangs didn't mind him writing about them, claiming they would give each other copies of the book as gifts. However, once the book became a worldwide success, the threats started coming in and now Saviano has to have 24-hour police protection. In the last decade, the author has been living in safe houses. and told The Guardian in an interview before; 'This life... is shit'.

So, you know, watch it for poor Roberto.

3. It's been a play, then a movie, and a TV show.

This isn't the first time Saviano's book has been adapted, so you can rest assured that any mistakes in telling the story have been ironed out. It was made into a play, which Saviano co-wrote, as well as a critically acclaimed Italian-made movie in 2008. However, it really comes into its own in an episodic series, also created by Saviano,  and builds up a tension that will hook you in from the start of season one that leads to an explosive finale.

4. It's compared to The Wire and The Sopranos.

It's got the same grit to it that The Wire is known for in that it shows the hierarchical structure of crime from what's happening on the streets all the way to those in their big office chairs, and the power struggles that exist within. Considering its subject matter, it's natural to compare it to The Sopranos too, although while there were at times redeeming qualities to those characters, don't expect the same from Gomorrah. This is a world of malevolent criminals who won't bat an eyelid at killing an innocent person to get what they want, all while corrupting governments and businesses across Europe.

5. It's already been commissioned for two more seasons.

It may have taken two years for a second season to air, but Sky Atlantic have firmly taken Gomorrah under its wing now, and the show has already been green-lit for two more seasons. The third season is said to be good to go too, so you won't have too much time to wait to get your next fill if you start watching it now. We should mention though, it has subtitles, but you can handle that.

You can catch the first two seasons of Gomorrah on Sky Box Sets now.