(*No spoilers.... unless we're right of course*)

First off, like Jon Snow, we know nothing about what is ahead for this week's finale as Game of Thrones hasn't allowed previews to the press for some time now, what follows are simply a few predictions we have for what is so often an unpredictable show.

In previous seasons (with the exception of season six) the finale of Game of Thrones was generally a quieter affair, mostly just picking up the pieces from a catastrophic penultimate episode. However with this season only having seven episodes, and battles happening in every second one, it's hard to know what they have in store, and while we doubt there will be any battles as such, that doesn't mean blood won't be shed.

The episode is titled 'The Dragon and the Wolf' and clocking in at 79 minutes, it will be the longest in the show's history.

Below are some of our predictions, some we hope will happen, some we don't, but how and ever, here they are:

1. Arya will outwit Littlefinger.

Please, please let this one be true. We have been watching Littlefinger run rings around those Stark sisters the last couple of episodes, setting it up so Arya found the note that Cersei made Sansa write to Robb back in season one asking him to bend the knee, but please tell us that a girl knows by now when she is being set up? Was all her training in Faceless School for nothing? There is definitely something building up between those Stark sisters, however Alan Taylor, director of the most recent Game of Thrones episode, said; "The idea is to build up the expectation as much as possible that one of them is going to die, and hopefully surprise people by what happens."

We're hoping this surprise will be both sisters turning on Littlefinger. He has been doing so much scheming and manipulating this season though that we're assuming he has something up his sleeve too, and undoubtedly this dagger will come into play amongst all this... could Littlefinger scheme for his last day?


2. Jon and Daenerys don't get it on.

Yes, we're going against a lot of predictions here that this will be the episode these two will finally get together, and we would be all about it except for the small fact that THEY'RE RELATED. In the very first episode, viewers were shocked to see twin siblings Cersei and Jaime getting it on, so the whole way through we have been led to believe that even in Westeros - incest is NOT COOL. They can't just suddenly make this narratively okay, no matter how much people want it otherwise. Although there has been so much fan service going on this season, you wouldn't know. We're hoping that this will be the episode that Jon finds out that he too is a Taragaryen and him and Daeny ride off on their respective dragons together like the platonic aunty and nephew they are.


3. Clegane Bowl.

Back in season one, we saw Clegane brothers Sandor and Gregor aka The Hound and The Mountain face off against each other, although their fight was ultimately stopped by Robert Baratheon at the time. Little could we have known back then how much we would take The Hound into our hearts and that we had one of the wittiest characters on the show underneath that face of scars, which we later found out was caused by his brother. Given that The Hound is now on the way to King's Landing with that wight they got, we're assuming these siblings will come to face to face once more. They most definitely have unfinished business, and although The Mountain now looks likes a product of Frankenstein, we'll still root for The Hound to get justice against his big bro and maybe even conquer his fear of fire along the way.


4. There will be traps.

As the previous episode hinted at in that 'wine and chats' scene between Daenerys and Tyrion at Dragonstone, there will most definitely be traps in store when all of these characters meet in King's Landing. There's no way Cersei will meet her sworn enemies without having a few back-up plans in place, and we can only hope Tyrion can redeem his previous mistakes this season by doing the same for Daenerys. We're imagining Cersei will fire the first shots, so to speak, and God knows what terror that will entail, but ultimately we foresee Daenerys and the gang coming up with a way to one-up her.


5. A Lannister must die.

Okay, this one we hope isn't true, because we really do love to hate those Lannisters, except Tyrion (obviously). We have had no real major character death this season, and with just six episodes left overall, it would seem downright naive to think they didn't have a big one in store for the finale, given the show's history. Our money is on Cersei going, but we're relying heavily on this because of the predictions made by that weird old lady to her when she was a child; that she will outlast her children and die by the hands of "the valonqar" (High Valyrian for "little brother"). Cersei has always assumed it would be Tyrion, one of the many reasons she has always hated him so much, but what if it's Jaime?

According to the books, she is older by a few minutes - what if there is no baby and Cersei only made it up to secure Jaime's loyalty after his meeting with Tyrion? What if he finds this out just as Cersei is planning to nuke everyone a la season six finale and our Kingslayer becomes the Queenslayer? Jaime then joins the good fight against the White Walkers in the final season and.... marries Brienne! (Sorry Tormund). Okay the last part is ridiculous but we stand by the rest as a possibility.

What are your predictions? Think we are way off? Let us know in the comments.

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