It's a sad day for the people of Ireland as we get our heads around the news that broadcasting legend Bill O'Herlihy has passed away at aged 76, not even a year after his retirement.

The Cork man's career in television stemmed some fifty years, with his first broadcast for RTÉ airing back in 1965, which was a piece commemorating the sinking of the Lusitania off the Cork coast for Newsbeat.

Since then, he went on to work for current affairs programme '7 Days', and of course then later turned his attention to sports journalism, presenting coverage of an unbelievable ten World Cups for RTÉ, including Brazil 2014, and ten Olympics Games. While he also presented the first Rugby World Cup on RTÉ television, as well as co-presenting the very first Sunday Game with Jim Carney in 1979.

He is mainly known however as the man who would facilitate the famous three amigos of Irish sports punditry, that of course being Eamon Dunphy, Johnny Giles, and Liam Brady, who no doubt are struggling to come to grips with this news today.

Bill retired last July after presenting his final World Cup, and had big plans for the future, at one point even saying he wouldn't mind a stint in the Arás; "I'd like to be president, but I wouldn't have a ghost of a chance of getting in. I'd get more Christmas cards than I would votes."

He would have had our vote anyways, but sadly that will never come to pass.

Undoubtedly, Bill was responsible for some fantastic TV down the years, so let's take a moment to look back and remember, the legend that was Mr Bill O Herlihy.

1. Italia '90

That moment when 'the nation held its breath' back in Italia '90 had the whole country losing their sh*t, and back in the RTE studio, Bill couldn't even try hide his enthusiasm. This iconic moment was even given the nod in Bill's final broadcast last year.

2.  Naked Camera

A serious broadcaster, but as we saw above, a man with a quality sense of humour too. A fact that comedian PJ Gallagher used to his advantage on his Naked Camera show, which also proved what a genuine gent he was through and through. Not many would have his patience in this situation!

3. Bill vrs Liam

As we said, Bill O'Herlihy was often the facilitator and the peacekeeper amongst the 'three amigos', but he was well able for them and wasn't afraid to go head to head with any of them when he wanted.

4. Bill meets Bill

Bill once again proved his good nature and sense of humour on a Late Late Show interview last year when Risteard Cooper of Apres Match came on and did his very best 'Bill', much to the amusement of actual Bill.

*Bonus Clip

When the panelists gave their analysis on Apres Match...

5. "Okey doke. We'll leave it there so."

Bill's last broadcast at the end of the 2014 Brazil World Cup, wearing that famous cap from Italia '90.

We'll leave the final word with the man himself...