Netflix celebrates its fifth birthday in Ireland today, and you don't need us to tell you what a success the streaming service has been here, and all over the world. Since 2013, Netflix has also made their own original content, beginning of course with House of Cards, however since then there has been a plethora of great TV shows that have been made by the service, with one of them, The Crown, even winning Best Drama at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

2017 has even more great new shows on the way, so to mark their fifth birthday on our fair shores, we've picked out five we are most looking forward to.

1. Santa Clarita Diet - (February 3rd)

This show sounds utterly bizarre but could be great. It stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant (Justified) as married real-estate agents Sheila and Joel Hammond. Sounds normal enough, but then Sheila dies and comes back with a hunger for human flesh. Yes, folks, we got ourselves a cannibal comedy here. We're certainly intrigued.

2. Disjointed - (Date TBA)

Netflix definitely aren't short of the A-listers, as Kathy Bates stars in this upcoming workplace comedy. She plays a lifelong advocate for cannabis legalisation who finally gets to live her dream when she sets up an LA cannabis dispensary. Joining her are three budtenders, her twenty-something son and a deeply troubled security guard - all of which are more or less constantly high. It's created by TV giant Chuck Lorre, who is the man behind some of television most popular sitcoms including Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, and Mom, as well as nineties hits Grace Under Fire, Cybill, Dharma & Greg. So yeah, expectations are high, if you excuse the pun.


3. Friends From College - (Date TBA)

It's Fred Savage! Yep, Kevin from The Wonder Years will be starring in this upcoming comedy series. In case you're wondering where he has been, Savage has been busy behind the scenes for years directing and producing the likes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Happy Endings. Friends From College also stars Cobie Smulders for How I Met Your Mother fans out there. It follows a group of friends who went to Harvard together but are now looking down the barrel of 40. According to Netflix, it's set to be "a comedic exploration of old friendships, former romantic entanglements and balancing adult life with nostalgia for the past." It's executive produced by Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors, Neighbors: Sorority Rising, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek), who also directed all eight episodes. Francesca Delbanco serves as an EP and writer.


4. Iron Fist - (March 17th)

Netflix signed a deal with Marvel a few years back and Iron Fist will mark the fourth series that has premiered on the streaming service, following the excellent Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Game of Thrones fans will be very familiar with the titular character, as Finn Jones - who played Loras Tyrell on the HBO series - starring as the superhero. His alter ego is billionaire Danny Rand, who returns to New York City after being missing for years. He soon finds himself tangled up in fighting the criminal underworld of the city, so it's lucky he happens to be a master of kung-fu and has that nifty fiery fist of his.

5. Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later - (Date TBA)

2001 film Wet Hot American Summer has become a cult classic at this stage, and it stars pretty much everyone you love from comedy in Hollywood these days, from Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd to Elizabeth Banks and Molly Shannon. The satirical comedy, set int the eighties, took place on the final day of a summer camp. It returned with a TV series prequel in 2015 which took place on the first day of camp and had a load of guest stars. This year, they're back again with a sequel, only its ten years on from that fateful last day of camp. All the main cast will be returning, including its creator Michael Showalter, who said it will be set in 1991 in both the camp and New York City, and cited St. Elmo's Fire, Singles, and The Big Chill as inspirations.