We've all been there; you're looking for a new show to binge on having finished the last one. You've now mourned and are ready to get lost in the next series.

There are the obvious shows that almost become a part of global culture for a few months, but the problem with some of those is spoilers. If you're an episode or  two behind and on any social media platform, you'll struggle to avoid them.

So we've put together some of our favourite shows that are maybe flying just a little under the radar but are well worth your time.

Fargo - Channel 4

This seemed like an odd choice for a show, being that the Oscar-winning movie came out in cinemas twenty years ago, but my is it good. While a third season is gearing up, the first two are absolutely superb with a delicate mix of dark comedy and violence that doesn't just play homage to the Coen Brothers, but at times enhances it. The first season starred Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thorton and was endlessly entertaining; the second the incessantly likeable Patrick Wilson and a revolutionary Kirsten Dunst - doing the strongest work of her career so far. Trust us, watch it.


Broad City - Comedy Central

This is currently the "it" show on American television, with the incredibly talented duo who created and star, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, now firmly a part of US popular culture. When these guys say something funny on Broad City (which happens quite often), it's requoted time and time again by their fans - "YAS Queen!" Almost Seinfeld-like in that it's a show about nothing, it essentially involves our two leads rambling around New York City and getting themselves into strange situations. Superbly written and performed, the humour is sometimes abstract and the show overall is very much its own beast - in a really great way.

Justified - TG4

What will be surprising to most, is this recently finished series is one of the best reviewed in years, finding a solid, passionate fanbase on in the US. Timothy Olyphant is the perfect lead; all calm and cool and effortlessly charismatic - fitting of a character that originated in the brain of the great Elmore Leonard, who was a strong creative presence through the six season run. It's action-heavy, with some superb dialogue and exchanges between Olyphant's US Marshall and Walton Goggins' career criminal. This is pure entertainment, with a capital 'E'. Binge this as soon as possible, trust us. 


Louie - Fox

For a show that stars possibly the most popular comedian on the planet right now, Louis C.K. 'Louie', his often abstract and even more so comedically absurd series has a relatively small audience. It's picked up a heap of Emmy nominations and a hand full of wins, but isn't as broadly accessible as the likes of The Big Bang Theory - the show it competes with regularly. While it might not be to everyone's taste, if your comedic palette aligns with it there are few better shows on television. It's sporadically hilarious, dramatic, touching and a little bit nuts.


Bob's Burgers - Comedy Central

A quirky often hilarious cartoon featuring the voice of Archer, H. Jon Benjamin, Bob's Burgers is based around the trials and tribulations of a low-end family diner. As is the norm with adult-leaning 'toons, the humour is edgy and it's the kind of show that begs rewatching. It has garnered a huge cult following in the US but, despite being shown regularly on Comedy Central here, is inexplicably yet to find such a fanbase. Next time you see it on your listings, give it a bash - you won't regret it.

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