'30 Rock' is often overlooked in TV comedies of the past decade, primarily because it was far too sharp and weird for its own good.

That said, it's maintained a cult following in the years since it's gone off the air and, no doubt, people would only be too delighted to see another season or even a spin-off. That's why it's truly disappointing to read that a Jack Donaghy spin-off - a Jack-off, if you will - was over before it began.

Per a report in THR, the producers of '30 Rock' - Tina Fey and Robert Carlock - had been working on the script for the new series for ages, and were in long negotiations with Alec Baldwin before he pulled out. Maybe he was using a Six Sigma strategy for greatness and it went too far.

At any rate, Baldwin pulled out and the series - which would have seen Donaghy leave GE behind and become the Mayor of New York City - is being retooled for none other than Ted Danson. The as-yet unnamed series will see Danson play a self-centered businessman who inextricably becomes mayor of Los Angeles.

It's not yet known when the series will air, but we'll always have old clips of '30 Rock' to remind ourselves of how good Jack Donaghy was. Oh yeah, that's the stuff.