We couldn't quite believe it when we heard that today marks 15 years since the sad passing of Dermot Morgan. We were, and still are huge fans of his work here in the office, from Scrap Saturday right the way up to Father Ted, and felt we couldn't let the day go without doing a little something in his honour.

So, we've decided to pay homage to Father Ted, one of the BEST comedy series to come out of this little island (even if it was mostly filmed on 'the mainland') by taking you through 15 of our favourite episodes. We loved every single one really, but sure there wouldn't be enough space on the internet to fit all of 'em in!

Good Luck, Father Ted

We'll always remember the first time Ted, Dougal and Jack appeared on our screens, not least because the cliffs were closed. Watching poor Ted attempt to keep the boys away from the Faith of our Fathers crew at the fair in The Field was quite the scream (the Spinning Cat was our favourite - Funderland eat your heart out), and it certainly set the tone for a series that would never, EVER get old.

The Passion of St Tibulus

You can pretty much sum this episode up in two phrases. I'll let Ted and Dougal do the honours, shall I?


Ted and Dougal pack their bags and head off on holidays, but things don't exactly go to plan for the boys. And, we meet Graham Norton's Father Noel Furlong for the first time. I REALLY like Tony.

Old Grey Whistle Theft

Father Damo lit up our telly screens and gave young Dougal a taste for rebellion. We'll never forget that infamous whistle.

A Song for Europe

C'mere to me lads, is there an Irish person alive who can't sing the word to this little ditty? It was hilarious back then, because we were on a Eurovision winning streak, but now it's even funnier because My Lovely Horse would probably fare better than anything we send...

The Plague

Ah the rabbits. Will we ever forget the rabbits? Bishop Len Brennan certainly didn't take too kindly to them anyway...

Rock-a-Hula Ted

We all know The Lovely Girls were ten times better than the Rose of Tralee...

Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading


Mrs Doyle heads off on her lenten pilgrimage and the lovely Sr Assumpta (that's Val off Fair City to you) comes to put the boys through their paces. We personally love the freezing cold baths, jus'sayin.

New Jack City

Three words. Father. Fintan. Stack. We can only see a certain Minister when we watch it now though...

Are You Right There Father Ted?

Who could forget the time Ted managed to offend the Chinese? There's nothing quite like watching his attempts to make it up to them fall apart.

Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep

Ah Chris. You didn't have it easy did you love? Cue Ted and Dougal becoming Craggy Island's answer to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Priceless.

Speed 3

It's Georgie Burges! This episode was a particular fan favourite, with Pat Mustard filling our world with joy and hairy babies. Poor Mrs Doyle just couldn't help herself, and there was sadly nothing to be said for another Mass...

The Mainland

I don't belieeeeeeve it! Victor Meldrew himself made an appearance in this unforgettable episode, while Ted, Dougal and Father Noel Furlong got themselves trapped in a cave. Well, well I never... you've really done it now Tony.

Kicking Bishop Brennan Up The Arse

Ted loses his bet against good old Dick Byrne and has to kick the Bishop up the backside. Priceless...

Night of the Nearly Dead

Between the cake jumper and the mob of mammies outside the doors of the parochial house, we were never stuck for laughs when Eoin McLove arrived on the scene. He did his lovely Mayo mammy proud so he did.

Honourable Mentions
A Christmassy Ted

Sure it wouldn't be the festive season without the biggest lingerie section in Ireland now would it?

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