'Murder She Wrote' is one of those TV series that has never once lost any of its popularity in the intervening years.

For example, 'Murder She Wrote' is still going strong as a publishing franchise. In fact, there's even a new book coming out this year in May. There was a point-and-click PC game made as recently as 2012 - which was a sequel to one released in 2009.  There were four TV movies, the most recent of which went out in 2003 and one was even set in Ireland.

As you'd expect, Angela Lansbury's wit, charm and on-screen presence managed to keep the show going for TWELVE seasons.

As with any long-running basic TV show in the US, it's had a glut of now-famous actors pop up for brief, relatively unremarkable roles. Here's thirteen of the most well-known actors to appear somewhere in Cabot Cove.