News arrived yesterday that RTE had acquired the rights to the world-renowned entertainment format Dancing with the Stars, the international version of the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Queue everyone rolling their eyes, and we can rest assured we will have the usual lineup of predictable Irish 'famous faces' taking to the dance floor come January.

But what if we didn't, what if, and go with us here, we had ACTUAL stars on the show? The mind boggles.

Here's our Irish Dancing with the Stars wish list...

1. Liam Neeson

Neeson could have this in the bag with just one phonecall to all of the judges, and we all know how that would go.

2. Colin Farrell

Farrell has probably danced to Maniac enough times down in Castleknock discos down the years to at least give this a good shot.

3. Saoirse Ronan

Ah sure lookit, she's just an Oirish girl who wants to be in Oireland. On Dancing with the Stars.

4. Pierce Brosnan

This dude was 007, he's got this.

5. Michael Fassbender

Sure he'd only need LOOK at us.

And he's clearly an amazing dancer.

6. ALL of the Gleesons

The Gleeson dynasty. Brendan, Domhnall and Brian, no professional partners needed.

7. Bono

F*ck that actually, no Bono.

8. Brendan Fricker

As the face of the Irish mammy, there'd be no messing with this lady and it would be up those stairs to bed as soon as the show was over.

9. Courteney Cox

She's always hanging around Ireland these days. May as well keep her busy.

10. Michael Flatley

Unfair advantage, yes, but we do know he's got the moves.

11. Enya

Seriously, where is ENYA? What does she be doing with her time? She's one of the world's best-selling artists and we never see sight nor sound of her. We'd imagine she'd bring a lot of interpretative dancing to the table too. Because Enya.

12. Daniel Day Lewis

Scrap everything. Daniel Day Lewis would win it simply by Daniel Day Lewis-ing the sh*t out of it, and probably become the greatest dancer the world had ever seen. At least for the duration of the show anyways.