Game of Thrones is back, and thanks be to all the Gods. At this stage, people had been literally frothing at the mouth for another episode - the Red Wedding counseling groups had wrapped up, and every preview and trailer had been watched to death.

Anyway, you get the point, we really wanted to see this episode, and season four kicked off with a very promising start, with a record breaking number of you tuning in to watch. Writers have said this season is set to be the most explosive and climatic YET, I know, our nerves will be gone with the whole thing. Can it really top the previous seasons shocker moments?

We can only wait and see, until then, what did we learn from this first outing of season four?

1. Ned Stark's epic sword 'Ice' is now, sniff, two swords...

Before the opening credits even rolled in, the tone was set for the entire series, with Tywin Lannister watching as the former King of the North's treasured sword was melted down. The scene made all the more compelling with The Rains of Castamere playing eerily in the background, God damn that spine tingling song.

2. The Lannisters aren't the only ones who pay their debts.

The words uttered by new arrival Prince Oberyn Martell to Tyrion Lannister, this fella is gonna stir up some SHIT people.

 3. Those dragons are getting bloody BIG.

Remember when they were just ickle cutesie dragons that sat on their dragon mother's little shoulder? Eh, not any more, those dragons are growing their asses up.

 4. Daario Naharis is now played by a new actor.

Eh, what happened to this guy? Not beardy enough maybe.

5. Sansa Stark is so upset she doesn't even want her lemon cakes. And she LOVES lemon cakes.

Poor sad, lonely Sansa, someone just give that girl a hug, or a random purple necklace... wait, what was THAT about?

6. Tyrion and Shae's days might be numbered.

Seems that other handmaiden caught wind of their argument and went right off to tell the Queen. Not a promising sign for these love birds at all at all.

7. Jamie Lannister has a nifty new gold hand.

Cersei herself spent DAYS with the goldsmith trying to get it right, well, the better part of a day as it turned out. This dude is fast becoming one of our favourite characters, who'd have thunk it?

8. There are these new, creepy, scar-faced Wildling cannibals called the Thenn.


9. The Hound really loves chicken.

He could eat every f*cking chicken in this room. Check out this hilarious bit from Jimmy Kimmel last night....

10. Arya is a frickin' BAD ASS.

As if we didn't know already, but watching young Arya reclaim her 'needle' last night gave us all faith that the Starks are not all dead and gone yet, and this little lady is going to make sure some people PAY. G'wan the Arya!


You can watch the trailer for the next episode here.