They first landed on our TV screens via The Republic of Telly but now Damo and Ivor are standing on their own two feet.

The lads have just discovered a rather shocking secret about their past and, as they set out to discover the truth about their family history, they're going to have to learn some hard and hilarious lessons on the road to self discovery.

Of course, we've learned our fair share from the infamous pair since they first arrived in our living rooms. In fact, you could say they've given us a rather interesting take on our own national identity. Here are just 10 things Damo and Ivor have taught us about being Irish, so far...

1. Irish mammies and grannies are the best. FACT.
Ok so Damo and Ivor's mammy may not be the perfect model (she sold one of them and abandoned the other), but good old Grano is a shining example of the Irish mammy mentality. Sure didn't she raise young Damo as if he was her own? A credit to his nanny so he is.

2. We're a nation of hard workers
You can't beat the Irish when it comes to putting in a hard day's work. Sure didn't we build the bridges of Manhattan back in the day? Our keen business minds and entrepreneurial spirit mean that recssion or no recession, we'll always find our way in the world. And sure if all else fails, we can just follow Ivor's example and ask mammy and daddy for the cash...

3. We love an oul sing song

You can't beat the Irish when it comes to cracking out the instruments and having a good old fashioned sing song. Whether we're sitting in the living room with the relations, having a session in the local pub or shaking it like a polaroid picture at the disco in the GAA club, if you play it, we will sing it. That's probably how Maniac 2000 became something of an Irish anthem... Take it away there Damo.

4. We're all proud to be Irish and not just on March 17th

From screams of 'hon the parish' at the Community Games, to wearing the county colours in Croke Park of a Sunday and even taking #COYBIG to all four corners of the planet, when it comes to our country we're always loud and proud. You're not Irish if you're not wearing your green lads.

5. If there's one thing we're known for it's the drink
Ask anyone outside Ireland what the first thing they associate with the Irish is and you'll get pretty much the same answer from everyone you meet. Leprechauns don't count, obviously.

6. The 21st Century Irish are a far more confident bunch

We were once known as a rather shy and retiring sort of people, but since the Celtic Tiger got his claws in (and we started winning all those Eurovision Song Contests in the 90s) we've come on in leaps and bounds. Sure didn't we even have the gall to make a banner for Angela Merkel at the Euros. We're definitely not backward in coming in forwards any more.

7. We're a nation of hopeless romantics
Forget the French, Spanish and Italians, when it comes to speaking the language of love us Irish charmers are leagues ahead. Well, sort of.

8. You'll never beat the Irish, figuratively or literally

We may live on a tiny island on the edge of Europe but that doesn't mean we don't know a thing or two about standing up for ourselves. Watch out Angela, Damo could teach Enda a thing or two yet...

9. You can always count on us to keep our word

We're an honourable lot, who always do as we say we will, and we're 100 per cent gracious in defeat. We swear. We don't even know where that Schillachi hate mail came from...

10. We're the best when it comes to having the craic

Ara sure we'll never say no to a good laugh, especially if it's at our own expense. Sure isn't that part of the ould Irish charm?

Damo and Ivor return to Irish TV screens on Monday September 16th. Catch the lads in action on RTÉ Two from 10pm.