There's nothing like an impromptu dance scene in your favourie TV show to provide guaranteed laughs and have you tapping your toes wishing you could join in. From 'The Carlton' of Fresh Prince to 'The Routine' of Friends, there has been some iconic moves busted out down the years in TV land, so we've narrowed down a few of our favourites.

1. The Office UK - The David Brent Dance

How could we not start here? Poor aul David Brent could just never miss an opportunity to show himself up, so when Neil and Rachel impressed the office with their Saturday Night Fever dance routine for Comic Relief, David was not to be outdone. He then proceeded to bust out a series of moves that have at this stage become one of the most classic scenes of the show.

2. Friends - The Routine - Ross and Monica

Just in case there was any doubt about how uncool Ross and Monica were growing up, they proved it once and for all when they were given the chance to dance at Dick Clark's New Year's Eve Party. Head to 53 seconds in for when things really take a turn into crazy land...

3. My So Called Life - Delia and Richie

We're going back a bit here, but you children of the nineties will understand. If you remember, Brian Krakow was supposed to take Delia to the dance but then he ditched her for basically not being Angela Chase. However her night turns around when Rickie and herself nervously take to the dance floor and totally kill it to 'What is Love'. Sigh. This show ended far too soon.

4. Freaks and Geeks - Nick Andopolis - Discos and Dragons

Speaking of shows that ended before their time, how could we leave out those amazing final moments of Freaks and Geeks, when Nick (Jason Segel) took to the dance floor to give it socks with a disco number while Daniel played Dungeons and Dragons with the geeks. It was simply perfect. Thank you, Judd Apatow.

5. Scrubs - West Side Story

Scrubs was known for many a musical-style dance scene in fairness, but this perfect imitation of West Side Story has to be one of the best, as J.D compares the animosity between surgical and medical interns to that of the Sharks and Jets. Queue a LOT of finger clicking.

6. Community - Troy and Britta's Interpretive Dance

For reasons we can't quite recall now, Britta signed herself up to an interpretative dance class at Greendale and found herself performing this delightful little 'Tea for Two' number on stage for all to see. However the ever-brewing 'will they/won't they' between herself and Jeff took a turn in Jeff's favour as him holding his girlfriend's hand forced Britta to realise she had feelings for him. And then she just... checked out on us. Enter stage left - Troy.

And the rest is magic.

7. New Girl - Nick and Jess do the Slow-Mo Chicken Dance

Another 'will they/won't they that did' of TV world are roommates Nick and Jess, however this epic, yes EPIC, dance routine happened very early on in the show when the pair were still getting over their respective exes. We all knew something was brewin' though and this slow-mo chicken dance may be when we officially fell in love with them and the whole cast of Zooey Deschanel's quirky TV show.

8. Seinfeld - The Elaine

Julia Louis-Dreyfus may be busy winning awards these days for her role as Vice President Selina Meyer in the hilarious Veep, but long before that she was of course part of one of the most successful sitcoms of all time as Elaine in Seinfeld. And oh how we loved Elaine.

We'd go dancing with her any day.

9. The Office - Jim and Pam's Wedding Dance

One of our favourite TV couples may not have had a say on how they would walk down the aisle, but that's okay because as we all know Jim and Pam had already secretly legged it off the morning of their wedding to get married at Niagra Falls. This scene made this highly-anticipated wedding episode well worth the wait and reminded us why we all loved these crazy kids so damn much.

10. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - The Carlton

Probably the ultimate TV dance of all time....this one really doesn't need any introduction.