Yay, we'll get to see Jimmy Carr playing dress up, and talk over his three co-presenters, while safe in the knowledge that his pockets are extra lined.

Broadcast Now reports: "The weekly live comedy show is on the brink of being commissioned with discussions with all the major talent taking place. Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell, Lauren Laverne and Jimmy Carr are all understood to be returning to the show."

There was a question mark over the commissioning of a third series as series two got moved to a Wednesday night and had a reduced run of ten weeks.

Apparently Channel 4 bosses are looking to reformat the show for the new series. Might I suggest dropping Carr and Laverne in favour of more Brooker and Mitchell? True, Charlie could very well defecate himself if asked to deliver lines while standing instead of sitting behind a desk, but he's just got the right level of self-deprecating charm to win the masses over (I'm biased, of course, he can do no wrong). I enjoy swimming in David Mitchell's bottomless eyes, and he too has the self-depreciation down to a fine art, but Jimmy Carr is the most dislikeable, showboating, pre-rehearsed one-line proffering deep set eyed donkey guffawing muppet to grace the face of TV. And that's a land largely populated by the latter.

As for Laverne. You can read an autocue. Kudos (no, seriously well done, I wouldn't be able to do that on live TV without perched on a commode. Which probably explains why Brooker's always behind a desk)

If they do choose to keep Carr (and they will what with Channel 4 featuring him on most of their non-cookery related programming) I'm quite looking forward to seeing him engage in another diatribe concerning "Barclay's one per cent tax scam."