When they tell you Christmas will all be over in a day you tend to avoid thinking about it too much but as St Stephen's Day rolls around and the country heads off to the shops for the sales, some of us find ourselves sitting on the sofa nursing food babies, attempting to cure hangovers or generally just scratching our heads.

However, all is not lost: If you don't fancy losing an arm and a leg in the sales you can always just throw yourself down on the sofa and catch a decent movie on the telly. Here are just 10 you most definitely won't want to miss between now and New Year's Day.

1. The Guard, RTE One, December 26th at 9.20pm

2. Cast Away, BBC Two, December 27th at 10pm

3. The Princess Bride, Channel Five, December 28th at 4pm

4. Starship Troopers, BBC Three, December 29th at 11.50pm

5. Apocalypse Now, RTE Two, December 30th at 11.30pm

6. How To Train Your Dragon, December 31st, BBC One at 4pm

7. The Sound of Music, January 1st, BBC One at 2.15pm

8. Big, January 1st, Channel 4 at 4.10pm

9. Robin Hood, January 1st, RTE One at 9.30pm

10. Star Trek: Into Darkness, January 3rd*, Sky Movies Premiere at 8pmĀ 

For a full list of movies on TV between now and January 3rd head on over to entertainment.ie's Christmas Guide.

*We're making an exception for Mr Pine, Mr Cumberbatch and co.