T'is the season to snuggle down in your fluffiest pyjamas, bolt the doors and take the TV remote hostage as the Late Late Toy Show returns to our TV screens, heralding the start of a very Irish Christmas.

We've been tuning into the festive offering since we were nippers and sure haven't we dragged in pretty much anyone who moved to these here shores over the years? It's virtually impossible to be an international student at an Irish Univeristy and ignore the lure of that fateful Friday night.

However, if there's one thing we've learned over the years it's that there are certain things you'll need in order to achieve Toy Show success. Here, in no particular order, are 10 key ingredients for a top notch Late Late Toy Show.

1. The Jumper
Now lads, if you're going to host the Toy Show you just can't roll out in any old geansai. From Uncle Gay to Pat and right the way up to Tubridy tonight (pun totally intended), a nice oul knit is the only appropriate garb for the occasion.

2. The all-singing all-dancing enthusiastic smiling children
It just wouldn't be the same without Ireland's singing and a dancing children. Their enthusiasm is endless and we're exhausted just watching them. Sure wasn't Imelda May even one of them once?

3. A puppet with plenty to say
If there's one thing the Late Late Toy Show has been missing over the past few years it's a bit of banter between the host and the likes of Dustin the Turkey. Kids TV just ain't the same without the gang from The Den in fairness, so without Zig and Zag or their brothers from another mother, Podge and Rodge, we don't think the Toy Show will ever be as good as it was when we were growing up.

4. A child who can steal the hearts of the nation
Actually, now that we come to think of it, you might get away with having no pesky puppets if you can find the right kid to fill their shoes. Take John Joe for example: That young lad put horology back on the agenda in 0.5 seconds and became a YouTube sensation in less than 24 hours.

And of course, we can't forget Douglas either:

Or young Toby, who put every You're A Star contestant EVER to shame:

Sure would you look at some of them now...

No pressure Fergal from Cavan, no pressure.

5. A child who just doesn't have time for the host

6. A Boyband
Something for the young wans (and young lads) who are slightly too old for the Toy Show but less than willing to admit it. The bands generally seemed to enjoy playing with the toys themselves too. Bleedin massive at the Scalextric so the Boyzone lads were. We guess we know where B*Witched got the double denim from now...

7. Jokes only mammy and daddy will understand
Need we say any more?

8. The odd awkward moment
It's LIVE telly lads, sure it's bound to happen. Pat Kenny learned the hard way, of course.

9. An non-compliant animal
Ah Oisin. We loved Mary on The Disney Club but if we had to listen to her 24/7 we'd probably play deaf too.

10. One for everybody in the audience
Sure don't they all only want to go along for the free stuff anyway?

Now g'wan, watch The Late Late Toy Show tonight at 9.35pm on RTE One and tell us what we're missing...