Christmas comes but once and year and tends to bring with it some pretty memorable telly, be it as a result of a turkey in a deep fat frier setting a chip shop alight (Oh Cilla), a serial killer deciding to leave an old lady alone (how nice of Mr Hillman) or Martine McCutcheon's Tiffany being mowed down by the one and only Frank Butcher upon his return to Albert Square.

These are the moments that make our Christmases in front of the telly memorable, so here's a list of just 10 that we're not likely to ever forget:

1. When The Snowman brought the snow - The Snowman, 1982
We honestly felt like we were walking in the air too.

2. When Dirty Den gave Angie a pretty hefty Christmas present - EastEnders, 1986
Sure wouldn't any girl love a divorce for Christmas?

3. When Wallace and Gromit chased a penguin on a train, literally - Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers, 1993
T'was far from Happy Feet that cheeky little fella was raised.

4. When Zig, Zag, Ray and Dustin got Together for Christmas - The Den, 1993
Let's face it, Christmas Day telly just ain't the same without this lot.

5. When the priests got lost in the lingerie department - Father Ted, 1996
Christmas would no longer be Christmas without that Father Ted special

6. When Del Boy and Rodney confused a fancy dress party with a wake - Only Fools and Horses, 1996
No TV death has ever seemed quite as funny.

7. When Denise went into labour - The Royle Family, 1999
Watch big Jim tearing up and tell us it didn't have you sobbing into the sherry trifle.

8. When Tim and Dawn finally got it on - The Office, 2003
It was the ultimate Christmas gift for Office fans in fairness. Watch it in all its glory right here.

9. When David Tennant waved goodbye to the Tardis - Doctor Who, 2011
So it actually happened on New Year's but still - we have no words. We saw this:

And we felt like this:

10. When Downton Abbey ruined Christmas - Downton Abbey, 2012
As if killing off one beloved character in a rather distressing fashion wasn't enough for Julian Fellowes, he went and put a huge downer on our Christmases with a major death on Christmas Day.