Netflix Original films and new films to Netflix this month:


Groundhog Day - Comedy
A weatherman finds himself inexplicably living the same day over and over again.

A Hologram For The King - Drama
A failed American sales rep looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his company's product to a wealthy monarch.

Captain Phillips - Drama
The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the U.S.-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years.



The Expendables 2 - Action
Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat.


MARCH 10th

Burning Sands - Drama (Netflix Original)
Deep into a fraternity's Hell Week, a favoured pledge is torn between honouring a code of silence or standing up against the intensifying violence of underground hazing. Stars Trevor Jackson, Alfre Woodward and Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes.

MARCH 15th

The Nice Guys - Comedy
In 1970s Los Angeles, a mismatched pair of private eyes investigate a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star.


MARCH 17th

Pandora - Drama (Netflix Original)
When an earthquake hits a Korean village housing a run-down nuclear power plant, a man risks his life to save the country from imminent disaster.

Deidra & Laney Rob A Train - Drama (Netflix Original)
To help their struggling family, Deidra and her younger sister Laney hatch a plan to start robbing trains. Things go off without a hitch, until a railroad detective starts sniffing around.


MARCH 20th

The Divergent Series: Insurgent - Action
Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side.

MARCH 22nd

As Good As It Gets - Comedy
A single mother/waitress, a misanthropic author, and a gay artist form an unlikely friendship after the artist is assaulted in a robbery.

MARCH 24th

The Most Hated Woman In America - Drama (Netflix Original)
The true story of Madalyn Murray O'Hair -- iconoclast, opportunist, and outspoken atheist -- from her controversial rise to her untimely demise.

MARCH 29th

P.S. I Love You - Drama / Romance
A young widow discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life.

Legends Of The Fall - Drama
In the 1900s, three brothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of Montana are affected by betrayal, history, love, nature, and war.

MARCH 31st

The Discovery - Drama (Netflix Original)
One year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified, millions around the world have ended their own lives in order to “get there”. A man and woman fall in love while coming to terms with their own tragic pasts and the true nature of the afterlife.