Netflix has unveiled the air date for 'Jessica Jones' season 3. The final season also got its first teaser trailer.

It was announced last February that 'Jessica Jones' was cancelled, alongside 'The Punisher.' Before this, 'Daredevil', 'Iron Fist' and 'Luke Cage' were also cancelled.

The official description for the third and final season reads:

"When Jessica (Krysten Ritter) crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath, she and Trish (Rachael Taylor) must repair their fractured relationship and team up to take him down. But a devastating loss reveals their conflicting ideas of heroism and sets them on a collision course that will forever change them both."

As with the previous seasons, this one includes 13 episodes.

When shared on Twitter, the teaser for the final season had the caption:

"Sometimes not even "heroes" can save themselves."

Though the Marvel-Netflix partnership is over, fans are still hoping 'Jessica Jones' and other shows could be revived on Disney+.

In any case, 'Jessica Jones' season 3 lands on Netflix June 14th.