While the final episode of this season of 'GLOW' left itself off with an uncertain ending, it looks like the series is getting one more season to wrap things up.

Netflix have confirmed that the '80s-set wrestling dramedy series is coming back a fourth and final seaosn, with the cast of Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Marc Maron, Kate Nash, and everyone else expected to return.

The final episode ended with (spoilers) Ruth - Alison Brie's character - being offered the role of director on the newly-revived TV show version of the wrestling promotion. However, concerned that she's letting her acting career slip away from her, Ruth resigns from 'GLOW' and leaves Debbie - Betty Gilpin's character - at the airport as she boards her flight home.

Not only that, Sam - Marc Maron's character - finally accepted his daughter and signs her as his legal guardian to ensure her inheritance, not telling her that he recently had a heart attack and is in poor health. In other words, there's plenty of storylines left open to take a crack in the fourth season.

No air date has been set as of yet, but odds are it'll be around Summer 2020 before it lands on Netflix.