Although there's still no idea as to what 'El Camino' will be about, both teasers we've seen so far seem to focus in entirely on the immediate aftermath of 'Breaking Bad'.

It makes sense, seeing as how the show always took a linear approach to the story, whereas 'Better Call Saul' seemed to ping back and forth between the past and the future. The teaser seems to be as much about setting the mood, as it is about filling in what happened right after the show ended.

As you'll recall, Walter White died after his remote-controlled machine gun shot dead the neo-Nazis and caught him in with a ricochet as he tried to save Jesse from the fire. Jesse, meanwhile, took off in an El Camino and left to an uncertain future - which, we're guessing, 'El Camino' will explore.

'El Camino' hits Netflix UK & Ireland on October 11th, and we'll hopefully have a full review a little bit before then.