The 'Vikings' spin-off is expected to be much darker in tone than the original History Channel series.

'Vikings: Valhalla' wrapped production on location in Wicklow recently, and the cast list has finally been announced. And it's the perfect timing too, as after six seasons of the main series finishing up, we're going to need our next 'Vikings' fix very soon.

With showrunner Jeb Stuart ('Die Hard', 'The Fugitive') taking charge, the series' new home on Netflix promises to be grittier and more realistic than what we've seen from 'Vikings' in the past. Last year, the production was on the search for Irish extras to take part in the first series.

The main cast will include Sam Corlett ('Chilling Adventures of Sabrina') as sailor Leif Eriksson; Frida Gustavsson (Swedish series 'Dröm') as Leif's sister Freydis; Leo Suter ('Beecham House') as Harald Sigurdsson, one of the last Viking Berserkers; Bradley Freegard ('Keeping Faith') as King Canute; Laura Berlin ('Breaking Even') as Emma of Normandy; Johannes Johannesson ('Cursed') as Olaf Haraldson; David Oakes ('Borgias') as Earl Godwin; along with Caroline Henderson, Pollyanna McIntosh, and Ashbjorn Krough Nissen.

Collider managed to catch up with 'Vikings' creator Michael Hirst, who had this to say about shooting the production in and around Ashford Studios in Wicklow: "They've shot the first season in Ireland, back at the same studio in remarkable circumstances. They had like 30 COVID workers. They took over a big hotel so they could quarantine all the actors. They tested them twice a day. It was a remarkable achievement.

"They only lost three days. I just have a kind of oversight, I'm not writing any of it myself. I'm an executive producer. But Jeb Stuart, of course, he's much more a thriller writer and that shows. So it will look different, but it's still good, really good from what I've seen of it so far."

Following on a couple of hundred years after the original series, this spin-off will be based in early 11th century, as the characters battle and fight for survival in a world that is constantly challenging their skills.

Expect 'Vikings: Valhalla' to arrive on Netflix at the tail-end of 2021 or early 2022.