As TV and film production companies have packed up all location work for the foreseeable future, that doesn't mean that cogs aren't working in the background while everyone is in self-isolation.

According to Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos, who made an appearance on American network CNN recently, the company will have plenty of fresh content arriving onto the streaming service over the coming months. Despite what is happening around the world, the company have luckily been forward planning their Netflix content for many months ahead.

Sarandos said: "What’s happening now is we work pretty far ahead. We deliver all of our shows with all the episodes at once. We’re pretty far ahead, so we don’t see any disruption in our output over the next few months."

The news is music to our ears, considering many production companies have been grounded to a halt over the past three weeks. Netflix have suspended all filming worldwide.

However, Sarandos did say that if this period of staying indoors continues for longer than originally thought, then maybe we will notice a decline in output. He said: "You know, maybe later in the year if this progresses longer we’ll start feeling some of that as the production side isn’t operating."

The chief content officer also said that for season four of 'Big Mouth' starring the voices of Maya Rudolf and Nick Kroll, the team have been holding virtual table reads with upwards of 40 people joining in.

So, it seems like business as usual for us consumers in 2020, with plenty more Netflix content on the way - for now.

Netflix's flagship shows such as 'Stranger Things', 'The Witcher', and 'The Crown' have had to either suspend or finish filming - with the latter wrapping up production earlier than expected.