"2020: The year it all happened."

The Netflix 2020 year in review is coming at us today, with the streaming giant releasing a few statistics about our viewing patterns over the year. It's important to bear in mind that these are US statistics, but shouldn't be too dissimilar from our own Irish habits either.

In a year where we have the likes of 'Cheer', 'The Crown', 'Love Is Blind', 'Enola Holmes', 'The Haunting Of Bly Manor', and 'Extraction', Netflix was undoubtedly our saving grace throughout the majority of the year. Where would we have been if we couldn't manage to chill in the height of Lockdown while watching a man complain about some woman called Carole Baskin?

As you can see throughout the Netflix 2020 year in review video below, there are a number of interesting statistics that the streamer saw in our viewing habits. There has been a 60% rise in fantasy viewing; the amount of action we watched went up by 40%; while anime viewing went up by 100%.

However, the biggest jump on Netflix was seen when the Black Lives Matter movement came to the forefront of world news during the summer months. According to Netflix, their documentary '13th' saw a 5966% rise in viewership alone.

There's a nice little statistic in there too regarding 'The Queen's Gambit'. According to The New York Times, chess set sales have risen by 215%. Oh, and 'Emily In Paris' saw us Google "Kangol Bucket Hats" 300% more too.

It truly is remarkable how a TV series or movie can impact our lives. That's 2020 for you.

Here's the full Netflix 2020 Year in Review.