"Buckle up motherf**kers" because there's a new Supe entering the fray.

Jensen Ackles and his upcoming role in 'The Boys' season three has been teased by series showrunner and writer Eric Kripke this week.

The Amazon Prime series, which has undoubtedly become one of the most talked-about superhero series on any streaming service at the moment, is currently in the middle of shooting its third season.

Jensen Ackles was confirmed as a new cast member for the series last year, joining forces once again with 'Supernatural' creator Kripke. He'll be tasked with bringing Soldier Boy from the comic book franchise to the small screen. Here's how the actor is looking for his new role as Soldier Boy, sporting a fresh beard.

In the comic series, Soldier Boy is quite a straight-laced "Supe" in the Vought International empire, who seemingly has ties dating back to World War II. Now that there's a new vacancy on the team, after the messy fallout of season two, he'll join the ranks of Homelander, Starlight and the rest of the brash team.

Jensen's 'Supernatural' colleague Jared Padalecki responded to the picture, joking that there was something on his face. He tweeted: "Dayyyyyummm!!! Can’t wait!!! Y’all don’t have too much fun up there without me, huh? PS - Jensen Ackles, there’s a little something on your face. Nothing a good ol’ Texan weed wacker couldn’t fix!!"

The R-rated title was confirmed to be including the 'Herogasm' storyline from the comics in its third season, which sounds all sorts of batsh*t crazy.

There's been no official release date set for 'The Boys' season three at Amazon just yet, and with filming still underway, it's likely the series won't be making a return until the very end of this year at the earliest.