Just in case you thought 'The Boys' couldn't push the envelope even further - of course it can.

For those not clued up to the Amazon Prime creation, it's based on the comic series of the same name. The team who call themselves "The Boys" are a group of vigilantes who are desperately attempting to overthrow and take down the awful "Supes" who live in New York City. The Boys know that these superpowered ones are not as clean and as friendly as their public image says.

Seasons one and two were a great success, with its off-the-wall capers and 18+ goriness, violence, and complete unexpectedness. And now, it seems that 'The Boys' season three will be continuing the trend, and going in another bold direction.

Set to feature the stand-alone mini-series 'Herogasm', we now know that at least one episode of the new season will be based on this storyline. In the original comic book, the miniseries sees The Butcher and his "Boys" sneak into the Supes' annual party, which turns out to be... one big superhero orgy.

Yes, you read that right. The entire weekend takes place on a secluded island and sees the "heroes" dabble in sex, drugs, and all kinds of self-indulgence. With the unstable Homelander leading this exclusive party, we can only imagine the type of goings-on that we'll see play out on screen.

Series creator Eric Kripke shared a picture of the script for season three, episode six which will be entitled 'Herogasm', and was written by Jessica Chou. He captioned his tweet with: "From day one, everyone dared me to make this episode. CHALLENGE MET MOTHERFUCKERS"

Executive produced by Kripke, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, 'The Boys' season three is due to begin production in early 2021, with a release date of 2022 expected.