Warwick Davis is back! The famed actor is returning to his formative role as Willow Ufgood - check out the first look below.

The 'Willow' series trailer teases a fantasy-enriched adventure, set to be a sequel series based on the cult classic film from the 1980s.

The original George Lucas and Ron Howard 1988 creation wasn't initially a box office success, but the years following the release proved to be what the fantasy adventure needed - time. A fond memory in some people's hearts, the film wasn't deemed a runaway success as 'Star Wars' had proven to be - but that could all be about to change.

Lucasfilm revealed the very first 'Willow' trailer during the 'Star Wars Celebration' event in California yesterday (which revealed some more 'Star Wars' news too), some 34 years on from the film's initial release. And we have to say, it looks like it could be the fantasy series we've been waiting for Disney+ to release.

Willow (Davis) was previously a wizard-in-training, but now he's a fully-fledged pro, staff in hand and with some more magical abilities all these years later. The trailer also showcases more returning characters for the series, including Joanne Whalley’s Sorsha. New cast members include Erin Kellyman ('The Falcon and the Winter Soldier'), Ellie Bamber ('The Serpent') and Tony Revolori (the Tom Holland 'Spider-Man' trilogy).

Here's the 'Willow' trailer.

Disney has been going all-in on the nostalgia factor since launching its on demand service - just this weekend, 'Star Wars' fans are getting an 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' series launching on the platform. 'Willow' will certainly cater to the fans of the original, as well as hopefully capturing a newer audience. Should it be a success, we imagine Lucasfilm will want to capitalise and explore the franchise with multiply seasons, finally getting the sprawling adventure they wanted all those years ago.

'Willow' begins streaming on November 30. Watch the original film on Disney+.