The spooky time of the year is nearly upon us, so you might as well lean into the horror for the month ahead.

With Halloween just around the corner, Netflix has teased their October release line-up and it's fair to say that there's something in there for everyone.

Horror is most definitely the big genre of the month, so expect to get scared silly by some of their classics. With 'Halloween Kills' hitting cinemas this October, Netflix will have the first FIVE 'Halloween' titles available too.

There are also some returning classics that are arriving back on Netflix for October, including 'Addams Family Values', 'Shutter Island' and 'Contagion'.

There will also be 'Spider-Man', 'The Amazing Spider-Man', 'The Lighthouse' and 'Heat'. For those wanting a different vibe next month, 'Last Christmas' with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding will also be available.

Netflix has a number of new original horror movies arriving for Halloween, such as 'There's Someone Inside Your House', 'Night Teeth' and 'Nightbooks' (which is more child-friendly).

Here's the full list.

'Halloween' 1 - 5

'Shutter Island'

'The Lighthouse'

'Dark Waters'

'Addams Family Values'

Shaun of the Dead'


'The Amazing Spider-Man'

'V For Vendetta'

'The Green Mile'


'Saving Private Ryan'

'The Town'

'The First Wives Club'

'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me'

'The Terminal'



'Fight Club'

'Last Christmas'

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