It's coming to the end of the summer, so you know that that means - Halloween is just around the corner.

Ahead of all of the October festivities, Netflix has released the first 'Nightbooks' trailer, which is a new horror/fantasy movie based on the 2018 children's book by J. A. White. If you're not a fan of chilling/creepy horror movies, or your kids went to watch a Halloween movie, then this could be your go-to this spooky season.

Starring Krysten Ritter (Marvel's Jessica Jones', 'Breaking Bad'), she plays an evil witch who has trapped two children in her horrifying apartment. Alex (Winslow Fegley from Disneys 'Timmy Failure') and Yasmin (Lidya Jewett from 'Good Girls') are forced to tell a scary story every night to stay alive. Of course, the children have had enough of this game, and hatch a plan to escape the witch's clutches.

The horror enthusiast Sam Raimi is on board as producer of 'Nightbooks', so this should certainly be a movie for all ages. As well as directing the first 'Spider-Man' trilogy, he was also involved in a number of impressive horrors over the years, including 'Drag Me to Hell', 'Don't Breathe', and the utterly deranged 'Evil Dead' remake. Chance are he's not going to go full-tilt horror for this family fantasy, but his new title still looks relatively chilling all the same.

What looks set to be a mixture between 'Goosebumps', Netflix's 'Locke & Key', and Hansel & Gretel, here's the 'Nightbooks' trailer.

'Nightbooks' hits Netflix on September 15.