After four years of being one of Ireland's biggest streaming platforms, Amazon Prime will be rolling out personalised profiles for its users.

Starting today (Wednesday, July 8), individual Amazon Prime profiles can be created for those seeking a much more tailored viewing experience. Although not every Amazon Prime Video user will see the update from today, the initiative will be rolled out to Irish users in the coming days.

Before now, the streaming service only allowed users to use the same interface to share their viewing habits, no matter how many different viewers were using the same account.

But with this news, you can now create up to six different personalised profiles, including a kids account, which is great news for those who have vastly different viewing tastes. There's been no word yet on the matter, but hopefully, there will also be the ability to change your avatar to one of Amazon Prime's back catalogue of top TV shows and movies - we'd love a 'Buffy' avatar please, Amazon.

Each of the Amazon Prime profiles will have individualised recommendations, season progress tracking, and a bespoke Watchlist based on your individual profile activity - which is pretty much along the same lines of what Netflix and Disney+ already offer viewers.

Expect to see these new updated added to your Amazon Prime profiles over the coming days as the service rolls out across Ireland from today.