'Selling Sunset' season 5 aired last week, providing us with an intimate look at Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenhem's relationship, which has been speculated to be a publicity stunt.

Their public romance lasted for an intense 5 months and between the lifespan of 'Jashell', the weird photos of the pair together, and how surreal it felt, people began to twig something was off. Or, put on.

But this season, their loved-up performance garnered them a few more believers. So, in the name of the truth, today we will be debating the motion: Jason and Chrishell were never a real couple, based on footage from the most recent series.

The Opposition Say

It's important to take a measure of the feelings involved; Jason was mad into her, but she just wasn't as into him. We see proof of his interest in her with our very own eyes; he nestles in to her, he passes her salad with an "I got you boo", and he even considers children with her.

Jason even eludes to the fact that they're looking into fertilising some of her frozen eggs together. The series follows him as he struggles to come to a conclusion on whether or not he actually wants a to have a baby, which is a deal-breaker for Chrishell. So, surely they wouldn't be looking into all of this as a PR couple.

Christine allegedly came out to say that the pair have always had a little bit of chemistry, not to mention that the entire cast seem to be rooting for them; there are way too many people involved for it to be fake and the love story has backstory.

The Defense Say

Their interactions felt almost like we were witnessing an inside joke — Jason would dote on Chrishell and she'd react with a grimace or a giggle, so it felt almost like they were cringing through the facade together.

Before the show even aired, they were very open that the reason for their breakup was that Jason didn't want to be a father but children were a must for Chrishell.

But from episode one when they've allegedly just started telling people about their relationship, there are simultaneous chats about kids and the big decision Jason has to make. Honestly, we feel like there's something a bit off about the level of honesty in conjunction with the timing, right? They've only just started a real relationship.

It also seems so unusual that they've ended on good terms after all they've been through; deciding to fertilise Chrishell's eggs together, being madly in love, and meeting Jason's mother in the space of 5 months. It's almost like the fatherhood story line that was constant throughout the season, was a set up for a breakup from day dot.

And sure, the cast are supportive about the two of them together, because if that story line brings attention to the show, all the better for everyone. Plus, the cast were (mostly) as shocked as we were about their relationship. It's almost like it can't be real.

Our Verdict

Obviously there's a lot of serious issues that the relationship brought up, fake or not; the importance of knowing your own mind and staying true to your own non-negotiable life goals. Oh, and of course, dating the boss doesn't automatically mean you'll get your office nemesis fired.

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