Let's be honest - 90% of all business meetings are complete bullsh*t and it's usually because somebody at them has to talk for 90 minutes so they feel like their job means something.

Everyone else is just waiting for the meeting to end so they can do something else, and very often, the whole thing could have been done over e-mail. What with everything that's going on at the minute, in-person meetings have been replaced by Zoom meetings which are equally as tedious.

However, modern problems require modern solutions - and there's one for boring-as-hell meetings on Zoom. The app comes with the ability to record you nodding along and blinking, and then loop that very video as a background - meaning you can quickly duck away from the meeting and let Paul or Karen ramble on for another 50 minutes about who knows what.

All you need to do is record a video of yourself nodding along in front of the camera, blink every so often, and set that video as your virtual background. When nobody's looking, you can quickly zip away from the seat and boom, you're free to do whatever you want. Granted, it should be made clear that people can tell if you're not there if you're not talking.

Likewise, you'll need to switch to the virtual background as quickly as possible so as to not arouse suspicion and if worse comes to worse, you can just pretend that your webcam broke and the video footage they all saw was just some weird glitch.

Sadly, this doesn't work on Microsoft Teams or Skype, so if your boss insists on using them, you're on your own - unless you've got access to some kind of cardboard cut-out of yourself.