In the second part of our Simon Zebo interview series, the Ireland and Munster winger gives us an insight into his fondness for hip-hop, whether or not his teammates are technologically-minded and what he looks for in a website. He also finds time for a little light-hearted banter about his Ireland teammate Cian Healy's DJing skills!

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We have launched a new section on - The Man Cave - which is aimed at people like you and me, who have an interest in music, movies, sports and things like that. What do you look for in a website?

What I look for in a website is something that's going to keep me entertained, something that's going to keep me wanting to revisit that site. It's a bit like Twitter, I suppose, the way I look at websites, where you always want to check up on it and see what's going on and what's new. That's why is so good because it's always so new. I actually always use it. It's brilliant for things like cinema listings and the latest music and movie news. Every time I'm online I'm straight away on to it. (Editor's note: Simon, we're blushing!)

Removing sports from the equation for a moment, what would you say your biggest passion is?

Besides from sports, music I'd say. I can't go a day without listening to music - I love it.

What did you listen to in the car journey up to Dublin for the Ireland training camp?

Nothing, I just waited until Peter O'Mahony fell asleep and started to take pictures of him! But generally I listen to a lot of Kanye West, some Jay-Z and I take it back to the old school too for a bit of Biggie Smalls. It's not just totally hip hop either, I'd listen to a lot of Motown records and stuff like that.

Zebo and a sleeping Peter O'Mahony on their way to Dublin.

Who are the most and least technically-minded of your teammates? Are some of them mad into Twitter?

There would be a few people who would be mad into it. In the Munster team you'd have people like Casey Laulala, who loves it. Then there are people like Mike Sherry who wouldn't have a clue about technology, he'd be afraid to go on it! Donnacha Ryan wouldn't be too knowledgeable about those kinds of things either. There's a mixed bag down in Munster.

I know you do a bit of DJing as well. Is that something you've invested a lot of time in?

It's a little bit of a hobby at the moment but it's something that I'll definitely look to pursue when I get a bit of time off. Music is my passion, and I'm not saying that it would be a profession of mine or anything, but something that I'd definitely look to get a lot better at and see how much fun I could have and where I could end up DJing.

I understand that Cian Healy sees himself as a bit of a DJ too. Is there any friendly rivalry there?

He actually does a little bit, yeah. But he's not really that good, he thinks that he's up at my level. He's a 'press play' merchant, him!

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