Zayn Malik's mother has joined Twitter to protect him from internet trolls. This is not going to end well.

The One Direction star's mother Tricia Malik has hit back at users on the social networking site who have directed abuse at the singer because of his Asian ethnicity and Muslim religion. Tricia responded to one user: 'Hope you're happy now that zayn noticed your tweet !! you can't even imagine how it made him upset you psyco X- (sic)'

Zayn's mother later revealed that he had abandoned his own Twitter account in recent days because of the abuse being hurled at him, telling a fan: 'It wasnt even zayn who tweeted the 3 last tweets it was management. & i cant force him to login twitter if he doesnt want X- (sic)'

In more tweets, Tricia - who has already amassed over 41,000 followers on her Twitter account - defended her son against religious hatred, writing: '#iGetAnnoyedWhenPeople call zayn a terrorist just because he's muslim. being muslim doesnt mean you're a terrorit X- (sic)'

However, the star's mum has faced backlash from some users on the social network, claiming she is trying to piggyback on her son's fame.

In a series of tweets, she responded: 'Its really disappointing to see 'directioners' or more like directionators sending hate to the boys' families... like this one saying im (c) (c) claiming to be a star.. excuse me but how dare you? Im just a mom who raised their kids very well im not playing the star on here..(c) (c) im just trying to stay in touch with you! now i got why zayn doesnt log in twitter anymore. X- (sic)'

Now it's yet to be confirmed if this is in fact the real mum of Zayn and not some internet crazy (our money's on a crazy, because really, who would submit themselves to that online wrath).