This is just disappointing. Perrie, we're officially disappointed in you.

Now we know Zayn Malik is pretty. That much is obvious. But getting back together after being given an 'I love you' teddy bear? From a petrol station? Have you no respect? You can say allegedly all you want, but when there are pictures of Zayn asleep in bed from her phone, you know he's up to no good. You should at least hit him up for some diamonds or something.

Zayn has also done a good job of smothering Perrie Edwards since the story of the cheating broke, accompanying her on tour dates with Little Mix since last month, shouting 'I love you Perrie!' from a balcony during a gig on Sunday night in Liverpool. There's a guilty move if ever there was one. Worst part is he was sat next to her family as well. Cringe Zayn, cringe. That's worse than your plethora of hideous tattoos. Apparently it's all blind puppy love though and 'all systems go'. This can only end badly. Don't make us say we told you so Perrie.