According to The Irish Sun: "The troubled couple will move into a new house when they return from Australia." Now that's plaster boarding over the cracks.

A "pal", spilling their guts for a nominal fee, said: "Yvonne has always had a tight reign over him (attractive) but it will be even tighter now. They will live together in the new place. It's the home of their dreams and Yvonne isn't ready to give up on the last 12 years of her life with him (like he was). He'll be in the dog house for a long time, but it's what she thinks is best for the children."

Yeah, 'cause children don't detect, absorb and store atmospheres riddled with undercurrents of bile, frustration and bitterness. Unless, of course, Yvonne's managed to remove all of that rage from her system in a matter of 12 days (the cheating story first broke aaaaall the way back on May 20th). In which case, I need the number of her therapist - not that my other half's been cheating - I just need help with the torrent of bilious waves emanating from me since birth.