Weeeell, they didn't call it the Frontline for nothing.

Things started off fairly stoically, with Social Affairs Minster Mary Hanafin outlining some of the upcoming budget cuts (roll on Decemeber... wheeeeee). Presumably sparked by some of his fellow audience members' pain at having to survive on social welfare, one gentleman decided to become spokesperson, shouting (for three whole minutes): "It's you Pat Kenny who gets 600,000 pound a year for doing 11 hours a week and you have the indignity to speak about people on social welfare and disability?! Your RTE and the elite 20 who are paid do not deserve the money they get. And you need to be confronted for your moralising and hypocrisy."

This is the best bit: "I don't mind this woman here (that'd be Minister Hanafin) who was elected by the people, but who gave you and your cohorts such exaggerated pay from the licence fee."

The footage is here, if you wish to see Mr. Kenny attempt to wrap up the show with yer man howling his head off in Braveheart mode.